Waxing 101


Measure Up!

The ideal length for hair to be waxed, is around about the 3 week marker. But anything from 3 weeks + will be fine. For all you shavers, make sure to come at least 3+ weeks after breaking up with the razor/in between waxes.

Clean House!

Take a warm shower before your appointment to help open your pores. Put the loofah into play to help smooth your skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Be Proactive

I aim for more of an “aw” than “ow” experience. Try popping a paracetemol or applying numbing cream 30 minutes before your wax. This will help minimise involuntary yips and yelps.

Body Scan

Give yourself a once over before you book to ensure your skin is free from cuts, scrapes, moles, skin tags and cold sores. Trust us, it’s better than finding out the hard way.

Au Naturel

Skip the lotion, gels and oils as it may interfere with hair removal. This also applies to tanning up to 24 hours before – best to avoid it as it may up the ouch-factor.


Cool Off

Steer clear of prolonged exposure of heat – including saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, sun bathing, as well as intense exercise for 24 hours after your wax.

Ditch The Razor

I recommend never shaving in between appointments. Razors will throw off your natural hair regrowth and cause the hair to grow back coarse.

Embrace Nature

I advise keeping your freshly waxed areas clean and free of products, including lotions, gels, deodorant and perfumes until the following day to avoid any irritation.

Take Care

Taking the time to exfoliate and moisturise regularly is the key to keeping your skin smooth, soft and free of irritation. Make sure you do this regularly at home, in between waxes.