Men's Prices

I understand that you may want to be discreet when booking a wax over the phone. For that reason, you will find a code you can use instead of saying 'Full Brazilian' (M1), 'Brazilian' (M2), or 'Buttock Cheeks & Crack' (M3). You're welcome.

Intimate Waxing

M1/Full Brazilian (all off front & back)

M2/Brazilian (as above, leaving landing strip or triangle at front)

M3/Buttock Cheeks & Crack

Buttock Cheeks





Torso Waxing

Full Back & Shoulders

Full Front/Chest - incl stomach

Full Back & Chest




Body Waxing

Full Leg & Feet

Half Leg


Half Arm

Full Arm & Hands






Facial Waxing