About The Wax Queen

Hi, I'm Karen, a fully licensed waxing rockstar with an emphasis on Brazilian bikini waxing - also known as the Hollywood and the Playboy. I wax to the max, meticulously removing every unwanted hair and I just love leaving my clients feeling fuzz free and amazing.

I believe getting a Brazilian Wax should be awesome and totally affordable! I want your waxing appointment to feel like you are hanging out with your BFF. No stress, no judgement and of course you should be having fun and sharing a few laughs!

I offer a few of the most popular waxes, but like to offer a truly bespoke bush service and can modify them any way you want. Maybe you'd like to try something different, like a diamond shape, or a martini glass.

I use only the very best, premium brand of wax and you won't catch me using strip wax on your most sensitive body parts, nor will you catch me double dipping the spatula. Whether you are wax pro or a wax newbie,I know how nerve wracking getting waxed can be. My goal is to make your visit comfortable and fun.


 My clients travel from afar for a wax with me, so come on girls, you've tried the rest, so why not try the best?! And just remember:

Yes you are normal down there (you won't have anything i haven't already seen).

No, you are not to old to get waxed, so call today for a super smooth tomorrow.